Cultural / Enrichment Activities

The Bethesda Montessori School is proud to present many cultural and enrichment activities to its students throughout the school year.


International Day
International Day on the campus of BMS

Computer Instruction
To help introduce our students to the technology of today's world, The Bethesda Montessori School offers computer instruction once a week to children between the ages of 4 and 6 who are enrolled in transition or kindergarten.  The emphasis on computer instruction at this age level centers around learning the basic functions of the hardware components of the computer as well as computer terminology.
Through the use of educational software, children have a hands-on opportunity to learn the functions of the keyboard, mouse, disk drives and printer while learning and reinforcing skills in language and math.
By exposing children to the world of computers, we hope to generate an understanding and interest in this important technology.

French Instruction

As a part of our educational program we are pleased to offer French, which will be presented to the children between the ages of 4 and 6 twice weekly.  The main emphasis of this teaching will be on pronunciation and vocabulary development of objects in the child's environment, as well as learning about the history and people of France. 
There are several reasons why we are incorporating French into our curriculum.  The first is that between the ages of 2 and 6, children naturally and effortlessly absorb language.  At this time in their lives, children are able to reproduce the accent and pronunciation of different languages.

After School Activities

BMS works with several outside vendors to provide exciting 'after school activities' for all children. These classes are optional, and take place on our campus, from 3-4pm each semester, at an additional cost. Activities may include Cooks with Books, JumpBunch, MultiSport class, Mr. George's Music, Kids Yoga, Fitbound Soccer, and Tae Kwon Do.

Field Trips


In October, the entire student body, accompanied by most of the parents, travels by carpool to a local farm where everyone enjoys a hayride and pumpkin picking. The children are also delighted to see various farm animals. A good time is always experienced by everyone.

During the remainder of the school year, many cultural and entertainment programs are presented at the school including: Kay Taub of "Incredible Insects", Mad Science, Kay-Dee Puppets, and Bill Jenkins "World of Music". The much anticipated "Reptile World" program allows the children to see live reptiles in conjunction with their study of reptiles.

In addition to the above presentations, the kindergarten children also go on field trips around the Washington, D.C., area. Their experiences may include trips to the National Audubon Society, the Kennedy Center and the various Smithsonian museums, particularly the National Gallery of Art and the Museum of Natural History.


Magic Show

The BMS 'Beach'

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