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ART, FRENCH and THE GERTRUDE A. BURR MUSIC CLASS are part of the Montessori Curriculum and occur throughout your child's regularly scheduled academic day.



All children will attend our art class, once a week.  The children love to visit the art room and work in small groups to create their own masterpieces. Projects may be seasonal or related to our monthly themes and areas of study.



As a part of our educational program we are pleased to offer French, which will be presented to the children over the age of 4, twice weekly. (Enrollment in the french class is based on age, space available at enrollment date, and english language competency, and is at the discretion of the teacher).  The main emphasis of this teaching will be on pronunciation and vocabulary development of objects in the child's environment, as well as learning about the history and people of France.  


There are several reasons why we are incorporating French into our curriculum.  The first is that between the ages of 3 and 6, children naturally and effortlessly absorb language.  At this time in their lives, children are able to reproduce the accent and pronunciation of different languages.


On display at all times, just stop

by and take a look!

Music Class
The Gertrude A. Burr Music Class


To help introduce our students to world of music, and in honor of our founder, Mrs. Gertrude A. Burr, The Bethesda Montessori School will begin offering a wide ranging music class in the 2021-2022 school year.  This once a week class is offered to children between the ages of 4.5 and 6.  Enrollment in the class is based on age and space available at date of enrollment, and is at the discretion of the teacher.

The children will learn about different types of instruments and sounds, and be introduced to musical notation and singing.

Optional 'After School Activities'

In addition to our large and wonderful playground, which the children visit numerous times throughout the day, BMS works with several outside vendors to provide exciting 'after school activities' for all children. These special sessions are optional (and at an additional cost of approximately $10 to $18 per class) and take place on our campus, from 3-4pm each day of the week.  BMS has worked with our vendors for many years, to provide a safe, yet challenging environment for your child.  Registration for these classes begins during the second week of school.  For example, you may choose to enroll your child in music class, which may take place every Tuesday, from 3-4pm during the winter/spring semester.

Activities in a particular semester may include:  JumpBunch body movement, Tae Kwon Do provided by TK Martial Arts, Mr. George Oakley's Music, Kids Yoga with Coach Laura, or Soccer with Coach Neill, to name a few.

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