A SignUp Genius for Parents/Teacher Conferences has been emailed.  We request that every family schedule a conference.


Nov 2

A day of fun an celebration on the 40th day of our 40th year.  Children will enjoy playing, jumping and running with JumpBunch, a puppet show by Kay-Dee Puppets, and a Tae Kwon Do demonstration by our friends at TK Martial Arts in Bethesda.  Thank you for our parents for providing staff lunch on this day!  We honor our founder, Mrs. Gertrude Burr, and 40 years of The Bethesda Montessori School -- since 1983.

Eagle Bear Native American Dances & Stories

Nov 9

Bill Jenkins World of Music

Nov 11

LaVanya Dances of the County of India

Nov 18


BMS Summer Camp extended from 2 weeks to 4 weeks in June 2023!

Enrollment for summer camp will begin in January 2023.  We will now offer 4 weeks of summer camp!  Camp will now be run by Montessori teachers Ms. Albrecht & Mrs. Lu.

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FRESH FRUIT for classroom snack --

List for each teacher available here!

*NEW List available as of 10/3/22*

You may download your classroom list by selecting the link below:

Ms. Albrecht's List

Mrs. Lu's List

Mrs. Dabrowska's List

On Tuesday's of each week (except 2/15 which is the Wednesday immediately following Valentine's Day), a different parent will be assigned to bring a fresh fruit snack -- enough for one snack for your class only. You may download the list here at any time.  

Suggestions include: Pre-cut fruit tray, bananas, apples of differing varieties, clementines that are easy for the children to peel, OR pre-washed grapes of differing varieties, and berries, honey dew or cantalope melons.

Ms. Albrecht's students should also bring one of the following items for Max the Guinea Pig...

red pepper, mini carrots or tomatoes, bag of spinach, butter lettuce, celery.

There are no allergy concerns this year!

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FALL 2022

Mondays  - Bach to Rock Music

Tuesdays - TK Martial Arts

Wednesdays - Soccer

Thursdays - Yoga

Fridays - JumpBunch


See our CALENDAR page for a complete list of important dates.