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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

The Bethesda Montessori School offers an early education to children from 3 to 6 years old.  This is the age of the "absorbent mind" as stated by Dr. Maria Montessori, in which children absorb like a sponge the impressions of their environment and the information presented to them.  In the prepared enviroment of the Montessori classroom, children learn by doing.  


The practical life exercises help children to care for the environment and themselves through such tasks as polishing, washing tables and working with the dressing frames.


The sensorial materials help children to further classify their surroundings and aid in the development of their senses through exercises that stress the discrimination of form, color, sound, touch and smell.  The materials are designed so that children can arrive at clear impressions of these abstract concepts through manipulation.


In the language program, the children are made aware of the various sounds of the alphabet.  Given time and experience with these early exercises and activities, children learn to read and are introduced to grammar and the function of words.  Many of the language materials, such as the language cards, are handcrafted by the teacher, a practice that lends a personal feeling to each Montessori classroom.  The children are given the tools with which to express themselves in a creative manner.  

In mathematics, the concrete and manipulative materials are presented to the children beginning with the numbers up to 10.  Some of the exercises include the number rods, spindle boxes, and cards and counters.  As the children progress, they are introduced to a series of lessons that prepare them for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, always beginning with the concrete and leading to the abstract.


Music is emphasized at The Bethesda Montessori School.  In addition to the many songs and singing games that the children learn and enjoy, they are introduced to the instruments of the orchestra, composers, and styles of music.  Kindergarten-age children are also exposed to musical notation.  


Art, science, geography and physical education are also included in the school's curriculum.  An outside play area is equipped with safe apparatus in order to help develop physical coordination.


The Bethesda Montessori School is fully equipped with complete sets of Montessori apparatus, plus additional manipulative materials to meet the needs of each child in the school.  Its sunny, spacious rooms, friendly atmosphere and dedicated staff provide the supportive environment needed for small children to learn at their own pace and discover the pleasure inherent in the learning experience.  

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